Huwebes, Pebrero 17, 2011

POEA Requirements Checklist for Overseas Direct Hire workers

Since I'm going to leave soon, i went to POEA in Ortigas and asked about the requirements that I need in order to process my POEA and OWWA papers here locally. 

For peeps going to Singapore, there are 2 ways to do this, 1st is locally (like what I will be doing) , 2nd is in Singapore. There are a few trade-offs for each, for processing locally, you'll have to go through the process of how government offices here.. long lines, irate attendants, red tape etc. and the process takes about 2 days and the processing takes about 2-3 days. The 2nd option is much more convenient, but is very risky, You have to go to Singapore as a TOURIST and process your POEA and OWWA papers in the Philippine Embassy, which would take just about 2-3 hours. but the risk here is that Singapore Immigration is currently tightening up their screening since this practice is sort of illegal and not prescribed, if you get caught, you might end up being detained in immigration and sent back to the Philippines and have a "bad" record in your passport. (Told you it's high risk!)

So i opted to process my papers here, but still have not found the time to do so due to some paperworks that still needs to be done. I got this checklist from the 2nd Floor of POEA which processes the direct hire OFWs. Here's the picture of the checklist:

1, VISA or passport.
2. Employment Pass or IPA or S-Pass
3. Employment Contract.

The normal process is as follows:

Once you have submitted the 3 requirements, you will be given a referral slip to take the Medical exam, but if ever you have your medical results already, you can immediately submit them along with the 3 requirements all-together.

After this, you will have to attend the PDOS seminar, which is 1-3pm from Monday-Thursday.

then you'll have to pay about 6k++ processing fees. (I don't know the breakdown yet..) Then I guess you'll have to come back to get your processed papers. (Please correct me if I'm wrong)

After this, you're a certified OFW! hell effin yeah!

I haven't even done the process yet so please correct me if I had placed here some mistakes. I'm getting myself ready for this whole new experience! Oh, did I tell you that I effin hate Government offices??? After I've done all of this, I'll tell you peeps all about my experience! 


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